Republican Romans and Finished Spartan Unit

This Month I want to get the first units of Republican Romans Painted, I am starting with a Unit of Triarii.  Continuing on with my theme of  mixing ranges that I think will work well together, I have taken Aventine Miniature command models and mixed them with Victrix Plastics.

The first two models I really like though the shield decals i think will prove to be time consuming, however as usual LBM shields look brialliant so I am prepared to spend time on it.  Basing wise I am going for a 80mm x 60mm for the Triarii , who will be in 2 ranks, Principes and Hastati will be on a 80mm x 80mm with 3 ranks.  That will give the the right scale of those units being larger than the Triarii.  So lots of work to do and but I really enjoy the army and as usual have a pretty clear idea in my head what it will look like.

Beginning of this week I also finished the first Spartan Unit.  This is a mix of Victrix and Foundry with the great customized office from Kosta.

The one thing I wanted to do was even in a basic pallet of red and white was create variation and so even though Spartans are usually seen as regimented and organized I mixed in armored and unarmored hoplites as well as a variation of shields (bronze and white).  I personally think the outcome is great, there is a feeling of strong theme in the unit while providing enough variation that not everything looks the same.  These are also based on the new 60x90mm bases and is an extension of adding a 3rd rank to the existing models I had already painted.

Anyway this month I hope to get two Triarii Units completed and then Ill think on what April will hold painting wise.



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