The best laid plans of mice and me often go awry

To say its been a while since I posted on this blog is an understatement.  The last post was somewhere back in July.  Despite keeping a regular update on my Facebook feed, the ability to set some time aside to write a blog entry has not come up as often as I would like.  In the middle of this year I went back to University after taking a 12 month break when my Daughter was born.  That, work and family has dominated my time.  Finding time to paint and then quickly use my phone to post pictures or put up the occasional completed unit on my lead adventure thread has been as far as I got.

Those grand plans to put up painting tutorials etc. have fallen by the wayside in the change and honestly on reflection there is nothing new to be learned from my approach that could not be gleaned from the tutorials that exist out there.  What I think I will do in the new year is promote those tutorials and comment on which elements gave me direction in my painting style.  I think Ill try for one Blog post a month and use Facebook to do the smaller in between updates.

As to the Republican Romans – the project is progressing at a nice pace.  I have now in this year painted 10 units.  Three Triarii (two roman one allied), Three Princepe (Two roman and one allied) two Hastati and 2 units of Velites.  Plus a command stand.  All up 110 Miniatures.  For the year I calculated that I have painted roughly 166 models all together.  Which all things considered is a solid output.  The previous year I painted 200+ but there was no small person to divert my time.

2016-11-11-21-02-47 2016-11-11-21-04-09 2016-11-11-21-04-48 2016-11-11-21-04-56 2016-11-11-21-05-02 2016-11-11-21-06-17 2016-11-11-21-06-43 2016-11-11-21-08-50 2016-11-11-21-09-03 2016-11-11-21-09-17 2016-11-11-21-09-21 2016-12-10-20-07-38-hdr 2016-12-10-20-08-09 2016-12-10-20-08-19-1 2016-12-10-20-08-53-hdr



2017 will be an interesting year hobby wise –  I hope to push on with the romans and aim to reach critical mass of infantry and cavalry by the 3rd quarter of the year.  I also want to paint some Celts as well as some Seven Years War Russians.  If in only achieve the roman army as the result I will be very happy.


Anyway I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


All the best