February March Update

Well for offical blog updates its been a little while coming. With the beginning of the new Uni semester painting will slow down a little as I balance work, family and reading allot of stuff.  However painting and hobby really is how  I make a break from all things so it never really goes away.

The last few months has seen some solid progress.  I have rebased all existing legionaries to 80x 60mm bases with ten models on each.  This was as much for functional game reasons as it was pragmatic considering  the size of the project.  I also finished my First Cavalry unit and I am working on my second as I write this.

On the side I have also been pulling together a collection of GW Lord of the Rings Models,  Orcs and Dwarves.  Slowly over an extended period of time I will paint them up for some fantasy Hail Caeser as well as Dragon Rampant.  It’s surprising with a little effort how much you can amass from eBay and Buy Swap sell sites.  I also sold my 40k Grey Knight army.  Only collection left now is the space wolves which I will never sell and have much to do on when the time and motivation comes.


On another note I have been toying with the idea of writing a few proper articles on the republican roman army – flexing my academic muscle so to speak. I intend to start writing about history a bit more. Having spent a few years now studying it and getting improved feedback on my writing style so I may take the first step with one or two articles going over the Romans – safe ground as many have done it before but take my view on the research to date and what those interpretations mean for the current view of the middle republican roman army.

It won’t be to soon in the future as I have some serious work to do on assignments due but I think its a small start.

Anyway as always keep an eye out for the Facebook updates and Ill post here again around March April with new unit updates.




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